The Office of the Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Government Services published a press release reassuring the people of Australia and participants of NDIS of the continued delivery of essential services throughout the Covid duration as well as the Economic Recovery Plan.

Stuart Robert, minister for the aforementioned, stated that this commitment is reflected in the 2020-21 annual budget, which is aimed at supporting the government’s efforts all the while making sure that the participants, caregivers and family members and providers are all equipped to cater to the necessary, during these and upcoming conditions. An extra 3.9 Billion AUSD is being delivered to the NDIS to ensure its smooth running and the participants accessibility.

Furthermore, in order to make sure that the NDIS can sustainably continue and to enable transparency of plan development and review, a package of reforms about to be introduced to the NDIS will target the comments and suggestions of the 2019 Independant Review of the NIDS Act (Tune Review). To further streamline NDIS provisioning, the government will also grant 92.9 million AUD to the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission over a period of 4 years, making sure the regulatory body has what is needed to do the necessary.

With almost half a million people turning towards the NDIS for support, 5 Billion AUD worth of services was delivered in the last quarter alone.

‘The Prime Minister has made service delivery a core priority of his Government. This Budget demonstrates that commitment and the unrelenting focus on improving services and making it easier for Australian people and businesses to get back to the job of recovery, prosperity and growth,’ Minister Robert said.

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