The NDIA are pleased to share that participants are now able to request plan durations of up to three (3) years.

For participants with support needs which are unlikely to change, a long plan duration means they can carry on with their lives without needing to go through frequent plan review processes.

These longer term plans are designed for participants who are:

  1. in a stable situation with their support needs unlikely to change
  2. confident in using their funding to achieve their goals
  3. focused on longer term goals such as learning new skills, employment or becoming more active in the community.

To find out if a longer plan duration is suitable for your situation, please talk with your LAC or planner.

To prepare for this conversation, you will want to consider:

  1. any life changes you’re expecting to make over the next three years (e.g. leaving school, starting or leaving work or a change in your living situation)
  2. how connected you are with your social and community supports
  3. your goals and preferences around plan duration.

If your circumstances change at any time during your plan period, your LAC or planner will be able to help you review your support needs and undertake a plan review if required to ensure your plan will suit your new situation.

The NDIA are listening to what participants and stakeholders are saying about the NDIS and are continuing to put in place significant and practical changes that will improve people’s experiences with the NDIS.

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