In response to the potential of further outbreaks of Covid-19, the government and NDIS have been proactively working to ensure the provision of the accurate information using the data collected via the NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission. This effort was also backed by the efforts of the Commonwealth’s NDIS Critical Response Group. In regards to these efforts, the NDIS, on the 20 th of August, 2020 published its updates reminding health and safety workers, participants and their family & caregivers about the precautions and practices in place for the safety of the Australian public and populous.

As such, the government and the NDIS would like to revisit the following:

  • For cases of positive Covid-19 identification, a participant and their providers can access $300 in funding for deep-cleaning procedures.
  • For cases of confirmed or potential positive Covid-19 identification, Support for Independent Living (SIL) members can claim up to $1,200 daily for other support services. These include cases such as those where the participant is required to go into self isolation or self-quarantine.
  • SIL participants as well as non-SIL participants will be provided with accessibility options concerning Additional Assistance with Daily Living (ADL) & Short Term Accommodation (STA) funding. These include cases such as those where the participant is required to go into self- isolation or self-quarantine.

For further information and to read the press release, please click the link below with includes the data
as published the 20 th of August, 2020.
Press Release on

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