On the 5th of October, the NDIS made a public state for the awareness of its participants, providers and related personnel. Over the two weeks before, the following communications, had a misprint with information printed twice:

1) Plan Approval letters

2) Copy of Plan letters

Who was Affected?

Participants and caregivers who had selected ‘telephone’ (including cell phones and landlines) as their contact method of choice will see the errors. Anyone who chose a different method of contact, such as electronic mail (e-mail) will not be facing this issue.


The “About Me” section information has been accidentally repeated in the section that should list the participants telephone number. This means that the telephone number doesn’t actually appear where it should, whereas other pieces of information including but not limited to work and mobile numbers should be listed without err.

Furthermore, letters with the error will not be reprinted. All letters printed between 19th of September, 2020 through 6th of OCtober, 2020 will contain this error. The NDIs would like to instruct it’s participants over the fact that they do not need to contact us, as we are aware of the issue and the fact that their contact information is safely recorded.

If a participant, however, wants a reprint of their letter, they can request one by contacting the National Contact Center (NCC) via email, phone or even the webchat available on this website.

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