The NDIS published a new information kit concerning the Supported Independent Living (SIL) participants and their programs. The entire information kit is available at the link given below.

The information kit constitutes the following areas:

  • What is updated in SIL and how it works
  • How SIL plans for you and how your SIL plans works
  • Alternative support options for different categories
  • Participant service agreements and their proceedings

The information targets current NDIS participants, with accessibility options for participants thinking about moving over to SIL plans. The kit also focuses on family and caregivers of the disability-facing participants and covers areas such as funding and living options.

The NDIS has launched this information kit with its participants, their families and caregivers in mind, in order to improve how the NDIS & SIL services those under its coverage.

The kit can be found here:

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